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Who We Are

Hans Fluegel, A Radio DJ with two decades experience working in record stores, will be responsible for all things used vinyl.

Tyler Mitchell, an eight year Everyday Music veteran, will oversee inventory and maintain a presence on social media and online marketplaces.

What We Want To Do 

Almost Everyday Music will buy, sell, and trade new & used music and movies. The retail shop will also sell equipment, accessories, and branded merchandise. Almost Everyday Music will uphold and refine the legacy of its predecessor and friends we’ve lost along the way.

Almost Everyday Music will set up in a newly built retail space, centralized in the “up-and-coming” Lower Queen Anne and Historic Seattle Center. Offering services like the stores before it, Almost Everyday Music will provide a space to pick up new releases, browse music and movies, trade-in collections, and upgrade equipment. Along with trading and selling, AEM will provide the service of house calls for large buys. AEM will also expand its store front to the Web and social media marketplaces.

How to Help

Our GoFundMe is now live, join us and become a part of this project! If you can't make a gift at this time but have any music or movies that you would like to donate it would be great way as well to help get the ball rolling on this exciting new venture.

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