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After 18 years of service to the good folks of Capitol Hill, Everyday Music Seattle will be closing on May 16, 2021. It's truly been an honor holding a space in the neighborhood for all music lovers from obsessed vinyl fanatics, dedicated compact disc enthusiasts making a stop to scour the recent arrivals every single day, curious DJ's with big ears soaking up cross-genre beat explorations, passionate film buffs sharing their knowledge of movies and occasionally free ice cream, new cassette converts and those looking to support artists they love from the Northwest and beyond. We will truly miss y'all.


If you have bought a record, compact disc or movie in the last couple decades there is a very good chance my frantic hands may have priced it. As a clerk, key-holder, co-manager and music “dealer” as my friend Debbie dubbed me, I have been doing my best to fill this space with sound and vision for the last 16 years. It has been a wild ride seeing this neighborhood grow along with the appetite for “vinyls.” For me personally music has always been a second language; learning to speak through the trumpet and trombone as a kid, as an obsessed but unprofessional DJ in college radio in the Midwest to now painting with a bolder sonic palette as a DJ at KEXP here in Seattle for the last ten years. Music provides me solace and hope and I know it does for you as well.


With your help we can continue Everyday's legacy in Seattle in a new venture as ROYAL RECORDS. Along with Tyler Mitchell, EM's resident movie/Ween expert for the last 8 years. We hope to start a new space in Lower Queen Anne that will serve as a smaller version of the Everyday template. Royal Records will carry records, compact discs, cassettes, DVDs and VHS along with accessories, equipment and branded merchandise in an effort to provide a little bit of everything for everyone. We will also bring community to a vibrant and historic neighborhood of this great city, in proximity to Seattle Center, where iconic shops like Easy Street, Silver Platters, and Tower Records once lived.


If you can't make a gift at this time but have any music or movies laying around that you aren't using and would like to donate it would be great way as well to help get the ball rolling on this exciting new venture. Learn more about our GoFundMe here.

                                                                       - Hans Fluegel

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